How yoga helped me deal with hypersensitivity

Recently I was told that I have the hypersensitive profile, basically I sense a lot of information, about what surrounds me, the people I meet. My mother called me « the sensitive being » with an exasperated tone and eyes on the ceiling, because I pointed at situations or behaviors that bothered me and she did not. And often afterwards she told me that I was right … I am like the canaries used in the coal mines, I feel the gas before the others … The pros: empathy, intuition, creativity . The cons: fatigue, irritability, depression.

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2016: Notre force s’éveille


 Ξ Channeling…


Cette année, j’ai experimenté quelque chose qui a confirmé ce que je pensais du monde des esprits. C’était pendant un stage avec Kazuhisa Ogawa, un shaman japonais et Richa Cordebar sa compagne naturopathe. J’étais venue apprendre des mantras anciens protecteurs et des techniques de développement personnel.

On faisait une méditation de groupe et mon corps s’est raidi, je ne pouvais plus le contrôler.

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2016: Our force awakens


 Ξ Channeling…


This year I’ve experienced something that confirmed what I felt was true about the spirit world. It was during a seminar with Kazuhisa Ogawa, a japanese shaman and Richa Cordebar his partner naturopath.  I came to learn ancient protective mantras and to continue to evolve by dealing with my emotionnal issues.

We were doing a group meditation and my body stiffened, I couldn’t control it anymore.

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