How yoga helped me deal with hypersensitivity

Recently I was told that I have the hypersensitive profile, basically I sense a lot of information, about what surrounds me, the people I meet. My mother called me « the sensitive being » with an exasperated tone and eyes on the ceiling, because I pointed at situations or behaviors that bothered me and she did not. And often afterwards she told me that I was right … I am like the canaries used in the coal mines, I feel the gas before the others … The pros: empathy, intuition, creativity . The cons: fatigue, irritability, depression.

Before yoga

I left Paris with my family and for 3 years I did not practice sport regularly for various reasons. (No stable housing, not possible to engage in a year-round course but also by lazyness). I practiced in Paris sports including martial arts, dance.

The effects of this non activity + a lot of time spent in front of the computer to procrastinate or create graphics: back pain, mood swings, bruxism (grinding of the teeth at night). My husband and daughter paid for this lack of physical activity because sometimes I was really nervous or depressed.


And then there three months ago, an awakening. I knew the popularity of yoga but I had my little creative bike in my head that said to me: « Nah it’s too calm, I need something fast & strong to evacuate ». At 25 years old it was true when I was doing Zumba, today at 40, I feel that I need something that anchors me, which refocuses me while relaxing.

I come across a photo of a celebrity woman who shows up just after giving birth in the hospital, the belly a little swollen but overall she looked great. The Facebook comments were mostly a little negative, that she was a narcissist. After I saw that she was a yoga teacher and I said to myself: « Well yeah she may be but she’s the living proof that yoga works … ». Yoga teachers usually have a thin body with balanced muscles.

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So I hacked my laziness. Rather than doing sport 1 or 2 times a week (something I did in Paris in the evening and after not easy to sleep since the body is activated) I set up a daily routine: 15-30 minutes of yoga by following youtube videos on my tablet.

I started with this one because it’s thorough: Yoga for dummies

And here are the channels that I regularly use at the moment:

Yoga fire by JO ,  Yoga Coaching et Yoga en ligne

(Sorry guys it’s in french but I’m sure you can find this types of videos in english)

I like very much what they do because there are themes for different situations, so I do not get bored and it matches the need of the moment.

What’s great about this routine is that I do it regularly, I can do it at home, when I want, at my own pace. 15-30 mn a day is really easy and not frightening , and in the end it’s 2h-3h30 a week . What I also like is that effort is spread smoothly. It is the law of  Kaizen, by doing things little by little, we can be more active that if we try to move an entire mountain in one blow. When I was doing martial arts, it was 1h30 of pain, 2 weeks of stiffness and the urge to stay home.


The results after 3 months of daily practice: the belly area, hips are more firm and  got thinner. This area was always bigger than the rest as if something was stored there. I have more strength in the whole body. The fact of breathing while making the movements calms me, I evacuate tensions. It is really very complete, cladding (strengthening the muscles in depth), softening, visualization (while exhaling I let go of physical and psychological tensions). I have more energy too because it stops recurring thoughts. I am more present, I can concentrate when someone speaks to me.

Since 2 days, I have meditate and I noticed that it decreases my bruxism. Less tension in the jaws and head this morning. The cervicals are always tense I will see how it goes with more practice. I tend to tense my body when I work in front of the computer, I learn to stop more often to relax, to get up, to breathe. I also tend to stop breathing, I have to remember to take a deep breath, take breaks when I work in front of my pc. The simple fact of breathing reduce stress. (What smokers do ultimately, great inspirations and expirations. This could partly explain the relaxing side of the cigarette break).

It all seems so obvious isn’t it? Move, evacuate, release to be in good physical and mental health … Take care of your body. Yet I find that we are not educated to do this from an early age, sitting in school, sitting in the office, sitting in front of the TV, sitting in front of the doctor … Sport is an option when it should be a daily practice, we behave as if we were machines.


That being said, it is my experience, yoga stretches are used in martial arts so I had the basics. I also feel if you practice yoga without guidance you could hurt yourself, it is very demanding at all levels.Taking courses is a very good step, to have good positions, what I do is for a daily practice. I might take courses when our situation is more stable to complete my daily training and have a teacher who corrects my poses.

A great app to meditate:




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