Past or parallel lives?

The concept of past lives has always seemed interesting to me, but recently the theories on parallel lives have fascinated me… Time would not be linear, in fact it would not exist, everything would be simultaneous


Mugen no jūnin

The first time I was told about my past lives was during my first holistic care session. It was a magnetizer who explained to me that I had been mostly a man. One of my most memorable lives was my life as a rōnin in medieval Japan. I rebelled against my shogun and defended the peasants. I had died a violent death.

Truth or fiction? I’m not sure about that. This could explain my strong attraction for Japanese culture while my mother is Vietnamese. That I am regularly mistaken for Japanese (by French and Japanese people). If there is a previous life, do we keep almost the same physique from one life to the next? I have square jaws and sometimes I laugh at myself thinking that it may be due to my male lives. I’ve practiced martial arts for several years and the fights in the movies make me thrill.

Years later, during a holistic therapy session, I saw myself in Polynesia on a canoe with a man. It’s a culture that feels also familiar to me: my son has a Polynesian name and my daughter a Japanese name. Can past lives be present in who we are? Like echoes that sometimes shout « home! » when faced with familiar situations. This weekend I happened to attend a Tahitian dance show and I wanted to cry all of a sudden. I don’t cry easily and it was both sadness, joy, the feeling of being at home and no longer being there. Something indefinable, familiar and overwhelming. I was very embarrassed because I was in public, I repressed as much as I could, but I hadn’t had this feeling of recognition for a long time.

I also had this reaction with two movie scenes and it was impossible to repress. The Stargate scene where the gate is activated, I had a feeling of being absorbed in spite of myself, left on a planet against my will. The scene in Star Wars last jedi where Rey is abandoned by his parents did the same for me. Previous life or abandonment wound? One, one or both. The magnetizer explained to me that I had come to work on my abandonment wound, to understand that I was left because people couldn’t do otherwise, not because I was worthless. Considering my family history, it was quite connected…


Parallel universe

If time does not exist and we have parallel lives, are these lives parcels of our soul that evolve in different dimensions where each version helps the others?

Cloud atlas . One of the rare movies that show reincarnation.

I saw a documentary on Iceland where a person talked about a legend about the families of souls waiting for others to come up, like a pyramid. Does this legend describe the ascencion?

Soul groups

Nassim Haramein is a self-taught and independent researcher who gave the most accurate proton measurement in 2012. He explains the fractal holographic universe:

In each cell is the universe, the small is present in the macro. It allows us to see life from a whole new perspective, doesn’t it? From linear, ineluctable time to infinite, fractal time… This vision of time changes our entire way of thinking. If everything is connected and in permanent interaction, what surrounds me is a reflection of myself and what I do to others I do to myself and vice versa. My husband explained the fractal universe to me with a broccoli because my mind is more intuitive than scientific… If a change occurs on the ends of the broccoli, the other parts will be influenced because they have the same origin, the main branch.

Imagine a drama that happens in the 17th century and that in a life in the 20th century, the incarnation solves a problem, the drama in the 17th century does not happen? Imagine that my current life as a mother is used by my ronin incarnation to be more sensitive to children? And that he could transfer his fighting spirit and his skill with weapons to me. If I evolve well in this life, can I rewrite my past as well as my prior/parallel lives? He would no longer die pierced by a thousand swords but surrounded by his wife and children? If this is the case, I find that it gives a meaning and a much more positive dimension to what we are experiencing, knowing that nothing is ever too late…

The TV show Sense 8 where the heroes share their skills through a psychic link

During the healing sessions and the guides channeling I give I see scenes from people’s past, present or future but I also sometimes see scenes that are less obvious to place, especially extra-terrestrial lives…

So I ask myself a lot of questions… My superior guide would be a version of me in another dimension, a more evolved self that would advise me? Will my astral body appear as a guide for another life during my sleep?

The purpose of our incarnation?

The search for happiness is a good motivation, but it may not be the ultimate goal. We would be there to experiment and trace the information back to the source.

According to some legends and channelings, the source of creation would have divided into several souls to experience itself. These small pieces of soul will live in different planets and allow the source to create even more universes thanks to the information it collects. Our « fall » in matter would be a way of living infinite realities and through our spiritual progression (ascension) we would go back to the source to become one with it and then start again in this cycle of incarnations. I’m not saying it’s the truth, but this theory speaks to me the most about « why are we here? ». Therefore, chasing constant happiness may be an impossible quest since it’s our search for new experiences that would allow us to feel fulfilled.

Our life would be an infinite cycle of the journey of Joseph Campbell’s hero? Continuous evolution and learning? This cycle would be the dynamic that animates our incarnations?

Résultat de recherche d'images pour "hero's journey"

Beyond the theory, what I see in my life is that the challenges I encountered were reflections of my inner blockages. And to get out of it, I had to ask myself this question: what is this situation pushing me to do?

Example: I apply for day jobs by fear of running out of money. Everything’s blocked, it doesn’t work, my profile doesn’t fit. I finally understand that I have to create my place, that I have to reactivate what I already do, synthesize it and put it forward. In short, to be autonomous and enterprising. Get out of Dad’s skirts. The blockages allowed me to learn. The lack of money has also allowed me to learn to save money, to be inventive and to realize that material comfort and consumption are sometimes necessary but not essential in some cases. That consumption was sometimes a way for me to fill a void; « What to do? », « What to share with the world? »… What I took as failure at the beginning proved to be formidable protections and tools for evolution.

What about you? What is your current quest? Are you in your current « Ikigai »?

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